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05.13.12 | weekly inspiration

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  • Pattern sizing got you stumped? Gertie talk a bit about how ease fits into the picture.
  • Have you seen Charlotte’s beautiful version of the “Little Rock Dress“? It’s her first attempt at pattern drafting–bravo!
  • Steph shares some thoughts on how she approaches sewing dresses from 50s patterns.
  • One of my dear blogging friends, Lauren, shared some thoughts on health and happiness this week.
  • A reader shared these 50s fashion catalog pages with me that she discovered on the Reminisce site.

Hello! (Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy-readers!) What a whirlwind week we had… A trip up north to visit my sister for some pre-graduation celebration and then attend her graduation on Saturday (she graduated with a BA in History–hooray!). What made it more exciting was that Maverick came along to visit his “cousins”–my parent’s cats. Let’s just say that while it wasn’t complete chaos, there were a few instances of hissing and barking, cats being chased at high speeds around the house, and one of the cats spending most of his time hiding. Exciting. lol. I’m just glad that for a nearly 40-pound, 4 month old puppy, he’s relatively gentle (just excited to meet and play with other animals).

My sister’s pre-graduation party was a lot of fun to document! She’s hosted for nearly every semester the past four years a “monster party”. The basic premise is that she offers anyone who wants to stop by a custom-drawn monster of their choosing. It’s a great way for she and her friends to relax a bit after finals and introduce a little free art into the mix (it’s a wonderful mood lifter!). While she’s a history major and spends a lot of time writing, she also enjoys drawing and is quite an accomplished cartoonist. I love watching her work and was delighted when we concocted a plan to document her final Monster Party through photographs (and a couple films which I have yet to even look at and see if they turned out!).

Isn’t she talented? She has a blog, and I’m hoping now that college is over, she’ll start posting more of her artwork regularly!

That’s it for me today; I have lots of laundry to do and the pantry is sorely lacking in essentials right now. Have a lovely rest-of-the-weekend!

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05.06.12 | weekly inspiration

Hello, friends! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes in my previous post–they really cheered me up! This year was rather low-key on the birthday front, mostly because I didn’t really have anything “big” I wanted to do besides going out to breakfast at a local joint near the beach. Which we did yesterday and it was the perfect “greasy spoon” breakfast. Yum! I think though, I might do something a bit more next month when my sister comes to visit, since her birthday is only about a month after mine. Would be fun!

My apologies this post is rather late–the weekend has completely slipped by me! Between the breakfast outing, various errands, taking Maverick for a few short car rides (just to get him used to being in the car and not going to the vet’s!), and grilling lots of yummy food–it vanished in the blink of an eye! Weekends when the weather gets nice are always too short.

  • I love this cute, quick (and budget friendly) idea for an instant 1930s shirt!
  • I have decided I need about a dozen of these belts in a rainbow of colors.
  • I have always wanted a dining table like this one, and might just make my own eventually (when we have a larger dining room).
  • Lavender lemonade??? Yes please!
  • Perfect beach accessory: a tote towel!

Have a lovely day! I’m off to settle in with a bowl of popcorn and get ready to watch the new season of Sherlock

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04.29.12 | weekly inspiration

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Thank you all so much for your wise, encouraging and idea-filled comments on my Wednesday post about decorating in a temporary space. It was so refreshing to know that others feel similarly, and had some great suggestions for me on nesting and making this place even more home like. I started to do a few more things around here, and am itching to get started on those pillow recovers (temporarily halted due to a problem of materials–the fabric I thought would work isn’t! Boo!). But some more artwork has been hung, The Fish found a new home above the tv, and the living room is actually starting to look like it has a bit more in tune with our personalities (and therefore, more home-like!).

  • I love this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess on making your own ascot bow top–clever!
  • I drooled over some of the hats in this post of 40s inspiration on Stephanie’s blog.
  • Funnily enough, I had just been mulling over how to DIY a hanging map and a tutorial popped up on my feed reader!
  • I love all these vintage kitchen images! The color schemes are fantastic.
  • As summertime is nearly upon some of us, here are some tricks and tips for working with linen.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend!

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04.21.12 | weekly inspiration

weekly visual moodboard | be sure to click on the image to view picture sources.

Apologies this is up so late–my Sunday morning got away from me before we left to go to church. hehe! Hopefully even though it’s a few hours late, you’ll still have time to enjoy it before the weekend is up!

  • Dakota shared these mesmerizing images of 1950s Scottsdale, AZ as photographed by Nina Leen for LIFE.
  • I still need to finish hanging pictures around here, and this tutorial on how to do grouped displays.
  • Sunni posted a fantastic tutorial on moving darts.
  • My cheapie garment rack is (of course!) falling apart, so this diy version is tempting me!
  • I love radishes and am rather eager to find some time to whip up these pickled radishes.

How has your weekend been? After a week of rather cool weather, yesterday was back to sunshine and warmer temperatures, which usually means that SH and I decide to take a trip to one of the local museums or down towards the ocean. As much as I liked certain things about Florida, it’s nice to be back in a state that is so history-rich and full of museums. Now we certainly don’t have a shortage of those within easy driving in our new city! We’ve been to a handful of places already, and can’t wait to explore some new-to-us spots throughout the rest of the spring and summer. Adventure awaits!

Have a lovely remainder of your weekend, friends!

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04.01.12 | weekly inspiration

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Happy first day of April, friends! Despite the teasingly warm weather earlier this week, it’s characteristically cool and damp today. Which means all I want to do is curl up in a nice, cozy chair and sew! Which I shall be doing once this post is up… The Edwardian dinner I’m attending is next weekend, which means I’ve got to wrap up this project soon! (It’s coming along nicely, and hopefully I shall have an update for you all around midweek with some pretty pictures).

  • These three frosting recipes (perfect for cupcakes!) look easy and yummy.
  • Ashley shared some wonderful 1960s fashion and beauty inspiration this week.
  • I already have a jewelry organizer made with an old picture frame, but I think I love this one made from an old window more!
  • Gala brought up some good points on keeping yourself and your whereabouts safe online.
  • A series of excellent Bakelite posts from Solanah: history and identification and how to polish.
  • Cassie shared a scan of a fun page of 40s scarves-into-blouses how to’s, as well as her result of trying one!
  • Continuing in the Bakelite vein, Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage has another great post on the retro plastic.

Hope you enjoy browsing through the links this week. It was hard to narrow them down to just a few–so many great how to’s and posts to ponder on!

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