I was really delighted by the overwhelming requests for a hair tutorial after I did my outfit post last week. It’s so, so easy–you’re seriously going to laugh at how easy it is! But it’s become my go-to style for most days lately, and the braiding makes it look loads more time-consuming and complicated than it is. This is a great tutorial for those of you who have longer hair too, and I think would even look really pretty on super-curly hair with little wisps coming out of the braid. Enjoy!

Any hairstyles you’re admiring lately? For me it’s all about what I can do with my long hair at the moment. I’m going back and forth between getting a few inches chopped off or just trimmed, as I’m quite in love with the length (mid back!) right now. It’s like the “perfect” length: long so I can braid it easily, but still short enough to curl and do 40s styles with. Now I just need to decide and make an appointment with the gal who cuts my hair!

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I’ve been dreaming about doing a series of thrifting-centric videos for my YouTube channel for quite some time–and I finally did it! I wanted to share with you my first effort, which is just an introductory video. I plan on doing lots of other videos like “show and tell” and tips on how to thrift. Between all the comments with great ideas and my own imagination, I am so excited about the possibilities of sharing my love of finding second-hand treasures with you!

Also as a side note: after the landslide of requests (thank you!!!) for a tutorial on the hairstyle in yesterday’s post, I’ve put that on my to-do list. So look for something about a week from now.

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There were a few queries, after my post last week, as to how I did the braided “headband”. So the other day while doing my hair I decided to shoot a little video tutorial on how I do this. It’s really simple and doesn’t require a ton of time. Plus it’s great for gals with medium to long hair, and you can curl your hair (as I did in the video) or leave it natural (as I did last week). Either way it’s a charming 40s romantic look that can also translate well as 70s-bohemian. (This would be great for Valentine’s Day too!) Hope you enjoy!

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I have been getting a lot of questions on my YouTube channel, here and via email about my brows recently–so I decided to make a video! This is actually part one of a two-part series; the second video on eye liner will be coming out next week (hopefully).

In the video I talk a little about how I shape my brows and the particular look I go for (a 40s “natural” brow). But I also wanted to share some other inspiration with you from various decades. The correct shape brow, if you’re going for a vintage look on a regular basis, is one of those elements that helps your look read “retro” even on days when you’re not really made up in head-to-toe vintage. I would highly suggest that if you’re still looking for the perfect brow to compliment your face shape, to focus on movie starlets and models from your favored decade that have similar face structure/eye shape to yours. Usually within whatever decade you most favor, you can find someone with a similar facial shape to yours and go from there! If you find a shape that compliments both your personal style and face shape, it is an ultimately flattering frame for your eyes–and people will notice! I personally tend most towards a brow that is similar to the ones in the 1940s collage below that are sported by Gene Tierney and Lauren Bacall.

1930s brows are generally long, thin and highly curved. Some are all one width (Jean Harlow, bottom right), others have a slightly wider inner edge and taper to a thin line towards the outer point (Olivia deHavilland, center right).

The 1940s brow tended towards a medium width and length, and varied from highly groomed (Diana Barrymore, top center) to somewhat more natural (Ingrid Bergman, bottom left).

The 1950s were the decade of the highly arched and thick brow (Audrey Hepburn, center left). Some brows were a bit more softly arched (Grace Kelly, top center), but almost all were well groomed and started out very thick at the inner corner and tapered to a medium width point at the outer edge.

If you have any questions or ideas/comments to add to this, please chime in! I am by no means an expert in this area, and everything I share is tips and tricks that I’ve discovered via trial and error…

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[ want to learn how to do this hairstyle? ]

I finally got my video successfully transferred to my computer (without having to re-record–yay!), edited and uploaded. I’m so happy I finally did this too–it’s been a long time since I’ve done a tutorial for my YouTube channel; and now that I got things figured out with my camera, it hopefully will not be the last. I have gotten a lot of comments and emails over the past month on how I did the above hairstyle. It’s an early 60s-inspired style that I came up with one weekend, and it’s become a go-to updo ever since. I promise it’s super easy–perfect for a variety of occasions and hair types! (Though it will work best with medium to long hair lengths.) I hope you enjoy this little video tutorial–do let me know if you have any questions!

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