I’ve talked about my aspirations to garden off and on in the past. My biggest obsticals are space and more importantly my inability to keep anything alive! Somehow all my good intentions to garden are usually not enough to avert disaster when it comes to planting seeds and keeping them going.

05.13.11 | small gardens

The past several weeks though, I have been faithfully tending to a little trio of herbs that I planted. My sister inspired me to give growing plants another go, and if all goes well (the worst enemy at this point in the year is the sunshine that tends to bake plants!), hopefully in a couple months I’ll be harvesting some fresh herbs to use in my cooking. I planted chives, basil and cilantro. The latter two I’m most excited about, as I use both a lot every week. Certainly this is a very humble start for me, but I’m being optomistic about keeping these going! Now I’m contemplating perhaps buying a few small potted flowers to keep around as well… Hope springs eternal!

My question to you is this: do you garden (large or small)? What are your favorite things to grow? Have any tips for a gardening novice? My dad (who is rather good at the whole gardening thing–I obviousy missed out on that gene!) and I talk weekly about his “natural” gardening adventures, as he’s been exploring ways to cultivate the soil without using chemicals. Which has piqued my interest as well (though on such a small scale, I doubt I can really partake of more “green” versions of gardening). I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips on gardening!

May 13, 2011 · 63 lovely thoughts
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