Remember the Cherished Collections series I occasionally posted last year (along with the week-long group series we did)? I’m dusting things off and bringing it back, since it seemed everyone really enjoyed these posts! Perhaps too, I might host another of the blog-tour Cherished Collections event in the spring too…

02.15.12 | cherished collections

I have an bit of an accidental vintage handkerchief collection. While I’ve always loved looking at the beautiful florals and bright colors of women’s vintage hankies, I never thought of acquiring any until several years ago when a lovely treasure box arrived at my doorstep from one of my aunts. Inside was a lovely array of goodies leftover from my grandfather’s old antique business stock, including some hankies. This, my friends, started my tiny collection! Since then, I’ve added one or two over time that I’ve found for mere pennies in thrift shops and estate sales. It’s one of those “pretty to look at” collections, rather than practical–or so I thought!

02.15.12 | cherished collections

02.15.12 | cherished collections

The beautiful lacework and embroidery on many of these is eye catching and worthy of showing off. But displaying handkerchiefs can be a bit tricky when you’re trying to strike a balance between vintage-girliness and a more masculine style in a space. So I’ve mostly kept them packed away in a box of vintage linens I’m saving for our “one day house” (e.g. when we own a house and are staying put in one area for more than a few years! It’s just one thing less to pack when the Navy moves us…). But I’ve lately been seeing a lot of fantastic ideas floating around on Pinterest for using old hankies in fun ways: as curtains, framed and hung in a grouping, fun bunting, a beautiful quilt, and even a one-of-a-kind table runner!

02.15.12 | cherished collections

This is my little homage to using a vintage handkerchief in decor, inspired by much of what I’ve seen. I remembered I had this vintage Florida souvenir hankie, and pulled it out to use in the powder room (which has managed to take on a very “Florida” theme, with a lot of our silly knick-knacks we acquired during our stay). It adds some color to the dull wall, and also brings in my favorite color: red. I’m really quite smitten with this display at the moment, I must admit! (Apologies for the odd photo angles, but we have quite possibly the world’s smallest powder room, which makes jamming myself in there to take photos a real challenge!)

Do you collect vintage handkerchiefs? What are some of the fun ways you display them?

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09.21.11 | vintage gloves

Gloves always conjure up images of elegantly clad women in 40s fashion photographs sporting eccentric gauntlet gloves in some eye-catching hue. Or of the more demure sort we often associate with the 1950s and floral afternoon dresses. I somehow have managed to amass a little stack of these vintage lovelies, usually for less than $1 at thrift shops. I am oddly drawn to these little bits of fashion history, and am always justifying their inclusion in my collection by thinking I’ll find some genius way to use them! But so far, the only gloves I wear are the sort that are meant for cold weather (or my opera length kid gloves—a rummage sale find—that have found use occasionally). So they sit in the pretty case I have for them, and are taken out for the occasional photoshoot prop or just to admire.

09.21.11 | vintage gloves

09.21.11 | vintage gloves

09.21.11 | vintage gloves

Esoteric by most modern standards, as I have not seen (in person) anyone outside of a tea room sporting these elegant treasures. Yet, sometimes I’ll run across an image of a beautifully dressed young lady (usually head to toe vintage or some mix of that nature), and it inspires me. Yet, unlike hats, I cannot seem to muster the courage to go about wearing gloves (other than when it’s cold). So tell me: are day gloves completely passé? Would you wear them (if so—how)? Best kept for pretty displays and summer weddings?

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Sadly, this is the last of the blog tour posts… I have so enjoyed being able to do a group project like this with you all! I have gotten many emails too asking if I plan on doing this again, and the (tenative) answer is yes! I’m hoping to do something similar (with a few tweaks) sometime after the first of the year—just when a little inspiration is welcome post-holidays! Thank you everyone who has taken the time to blog about their collections, as well as those who have commented.

Firstly is Lholy-chan of Amelie no mori who shares her lovely collection of vintage buttons (house in equally eye-catching and beautiful tins! How I wish mine were as attractively stored…). She also talks a bit about the sort of person who tends to collect things… which I loved reading. She also shared a snapshot of her lovely (vintage and some not) lace collection—gorgeous!

Ashley of Bramblewood Fashion has so many amazing collections to blog about! It was hard choosing what to show you; between her vintage movie magazines (which did win in the end), old sewing and knitting patterns, and gorgeous antique and vintage books, it was a tough choice. She has many collections similar to mine, which was fun to see what she has unearthed over time!

Christine at Crafting: Plus-Sized Edition has one of the most fun collections yet: Betty Boop! Collections of cartoon or comic book characters always have a soft spot in my heart (SH collects GI Joe’s; having grown up watching the cartoons…). They’re so colorful and I think speak of a sense of fun the collector has.

Bonita of Depict This! has a really special collection—her pearl jewelry pieces she has acquired over time. I absolutely adore pearls (or pieces that have a pearl or two for accent), and seeing all her lovely accessories was a delight. The piece above she even made—so much talent!!!

Erica of Experiments and Accidents posted a collection that I almost squealed over (well, I may have actually squealed at my computer screen) in delight! She shows off her collection of Cherry Ames and Bobbsey Twins books, the latter of which I fondly remember reading as a child (along with Nancy Drew and a few Hardy Boys mysteries). Seeing this post makes me want to redouble my effort to collect up some of my favorite childhood books.

Sarah at Gypsy Skirt Vintage had a similar conundrum to many of us who have posted their collections over the past week—which one to share?! In the end, she decided to write about vintage buttons. Ladies (and gents—any guys reading these posts?)—prepare to drool if you have a weakness for colorful and intricate old buttons!

Jackey of Northwest is Best had a neat collection to share—one that appeals to my desire to travel (especially outside the US) one day—coins! She said that most have found their way into her collection via friends who travel—isn’t that neat to have something easy-to-pack to request from friends who are visiting another country? I loved looking at (and reading!) this post…

Peggy at Plush Nest has the most eye-catching silver compote collection—truly a dramatic one too (as she points out). She also discusses a bit what it’s like to put limits on one’s collecting instincts (I sympathize… especially as an ardent thrifter!)—but how to also enjoy one’s collection on a daily basis.

Katie at Under the Red Umbrella showcased a collection of vintage glassware she has. I love that these pieces are thrifted, colorful—and useful. So often collections easily get stashed away and forgotten, but she manages to utilize these beautiful pieces for everyday storage use!

Finally we have Andi of Untangling Knots, who has a very fun collection of movie ticket stubs! I too have a habit of hanging on to old ticket stubs (though I rarely go to the movies these days… I admit Netflix has made me a bit lazy about the whole thing!), and appreciate keeping them for the memories. I think I still have all my stubs from seeing the LotR trilogy years ago! Important dates with SH too—or movies that proved to be riveting (like Hurt Locker). Go take a peek at what she’s saved up!

I feel like I’m repeating myself, but again a big thank you to everyone who has joined in this fun blog-tour! I can’t tell you how much I feel like I’ve gotten to know some of you better, and I hope this has been an enjoyable week of collections for you as well.

Be back tomorrow with the usual inspiration post—and the winner of the Sewaholic giveaway!

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Firstly is Kit from Curly Frizz who shares her beautiful collection of old vinyl records! As a fellow record collector (purely of the casual sort—I mostly check the thrift shops to see what they have for a  dollar!), it’s always fun to see what sorts of music others collect, and perhaps find some new-to-me titles and musicians to search for!

Kristen at Kristin Makes has what is perhaps the most intriguing collection I’ve seen in this tour yet! Pebbles she collects on visits to various towns and spots. As much fun as collections of manmade objects can be, there is something so beautiful about natural objects that remind you of a time and place you visited.

Reagan of Lil’ Vintage Homemaker is one stylish, vintage-lovin’ gal! She shared her beautiful collections of vintage hats and gloves, as well as some inspiring images of how she has worn these pieces out and about. I especially love some of the large, 50s hats she has!

Clare of Magpie Makes shows off her lovely collection of vintage jewelry pieces, as well as a beautiful little seashell box that was once her grandmother’s. I loved seeing what pieces she had inherited, and some of the stories behind them! A very beautiful and special collection!

Blanka at Minor Swing of O’Sullivan’s Girl caught my eye right away with her Beatles memorabilia collection! My sister is quite a Beatles fan, so perhaps I have had it ingrained in me (after years of hunting down Beatles records at thrift stores) to always take notice when I see something along these lines. She also shows off her fun collection of beer mats (coasters for us in the US)—so neat!

Renee of Nana Nay’s Garden shared so many of her collections—it was hard for me to pick which to picture! (But just having been thrifting today and on the hunt for dishware, you can guess what won!) She shows off her collections of old photos, Pyrex, dishes, stamps and cookbooks (love!). So fun!

Kristen of Summer Sets In showcased her collection of newer, but simply charming and beautiful, pottery. Each is unique in it’s own way—and I love all the soft colors that Kristen has picked for many of the pieces. The elephant teapot is my favorite!

Rebecca of Tales of A Wannabe Seamstress has the most lovely collection of vintage cookware! She says that she has lots of midcentury pieces, but adores the colors and patterns of 70s pieces too (me too, Rebecca!). Lots and lots of amazing patterns and colors in this post—prepare for a visual feast!

Next up is my Sister at A Two-Bit Jeremiah with her collections of rubber ducks and vintage vinyl—both of which are thoroughly her! We often have gone hunting for old records when she visits and thrift stores (and be sure to read about her neat finds at a garage sale last summer!). The rubber ducks are probably my favorite though—also because I look for them when SH and I travel! (They’re just plain adorable too—who can resist a rubber duck?!)

Ashley Louise at Yammering Muse shared her beautiful collections of singing figurines (be sure to click through—they are so charming and sweet!), Scottish bits and pieces, as well as the darling pins pictured above. I adore the pins—but also because I have a soft spot for Scottie dogs; I couldn’t resist using this photo!

Be sure to stay tuned for the fifth and final installment in the Cherished Collections Tour tomorrow!

July 22, 2011 · 10 lovely thoughts
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Halfway through the blog-tour already! So many great collections again today; I hope you’ll enjoy looking through these as much as I did while I was putting this post together. Thank you everyone who has been leaving such sweet comments on these posts—I’m glad you’re enjoying these!

Sam of All Things Quilty and Sewy shared some of her beloved teacups she has collected. They are all Royal Dalton tea trios (something I had never heard of—it’s a dull day when you don’t learn something new!) and all equally beautiful. I just love the older patterns especially; she even has a set from the 20s!

Summer of Comprehensively Quirky shows off her eye-catching vintage glassware and handmade lace collections. I grew up with my paternal grandparents doing antique shows, and remember very much the boxes of vintage glassware in a variety of hues as well a cut crystal. I’m always amazed at how vibrant the color were—gorgeous collection, Summer!

Galadriel at Garden of Galadriel pulled out her beautiful vintage linens collection and discussed a bit about how she finds pieces. They are all so delicate and painstakingly executed; it’s amazing to me how much needlework women of the past were able to put out! She also uses many of her pieces for everyday use, which I think is so much fun!

Mortira of Inspirational Beading shares what I think is one gorgeous and unique collection! She loves things that are inspired by Ancient Egypt, and has quite a few pieces that recall the design style of that period in time. From little statuettes to pieces of furniture that have been repainted to echo the motifs and colors of Ancient Egypt, she has built quite an impressive collection!

Hannah at Leopard and Lipstick (great blog title!) gathered up two of her collections to share. One is sparkly, and the other is both visually arresting and also a way to learn. You’ve guessed the first half from the image above (aren’t those jewelry pieces to-die for?!), and she also shares her large collection of books as well. (Added a few titles to my wishlist just from looking!)

Mary Beth at Mary Beth Makes Hats shares a very neat collection: vintage yarns! She also wrote up a little about the history and use of each she showcased on her blog. I think my favorite is the Corde yarn, which is the same used for many of those coveted 40s corde bags (which I would love to make my own version of—one day! Seeing as I already have one I inherited from my great grandmother).

Portia of Miss P blog posted about her beautiful and growing collection of vintage housewares—particularly of the kitchen-sort. From cute little soup bowls to pink (!!!) Pyrex, she has managed to gather up a gorgeous array of vintage kitchenware to use and enjoy. (Looking at this makes me want to pull out a few pieces I have hiding!)

Jen at Pretty Little Pictures gathered up four of her favorite collections! Vintage dresses (I want to raid her closet!), vintage Home Journals, and vintage sewing and knitting patterns. She has posted quite a few scans of the Home Journals on her Flickr over time, so you might want to go peek there as well for some inspiration!

Laurie of Teacups in the Garden rounded up her beautiful stashes of dishware that she has collected over time. She has a great eye for patterns and soft colors, as well as unique details—looking through her post was such a treat! (And made me remember why I am always on the lookout for pretty dishes at the thrift store…)

Finally Sarah of Vintage Bobbin shares not only a collection of vintage jewelry and tips on collecting older jewelry from her mom. It is a treasure trove of a post—not just visually, but also if you’re a bit of a jewelry-collecting novice (like me!). I read the post from start to finish and have it bookmarked for future reference—or the next time I find a neat piece at the thrift store!

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