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cardigan: thrifted, refashioned | shirt: Target | jeans: Motherhood Maternity | shoes: Blowfish | scarf & belt: thrifted | anchor pin: made by me

Where to begin? Frankly, there is too much in the past three weeks to condense succinctly into a blog post, nor do I want to rehash everything that has gone on. Suffice to say there have been some lovely moments (Miss Blueberry’s kicks growing more energetic and even visible at times; SH coming home after weeks away, hosting Thanksgiving for a handful of sailors), and some moments that made me want to scream and cry all at once (pregnancy hormones seem to exacerbate stressful things…). I’ve been busy with a few creative things in the background, and I want to share all the baby knitting I’ve done over the course of the month with you! Let’s not forget Christmas either; my favorite time of year! I have a post in the works on some decorating things I’ve done around here, as well as my annual cookie baking. But first I wanted to show y’all how big this bump is getting! hehe!

Some days I’m a bit sad I can’t wear my favorite vintage dresses and skirts right now, but on the whole I’m fairly satisfied with the maternity wardrobe I’ve been piecing together and how I’m crafting outfits around my new figure. Accessories have become a big part of my daily dressing, and scarves have been in heavy rotation! I was so excited when I saw Tasha’s tutorial on how to create a backroll ‘do using a scarf (if you haven’t checked it out yet, you must!), because it just gives me another excuse to wear one of my colorful squares. It’s so easy and works well with my long, thick hair–a style I hope to keep in my hip pocket for those post-birth days I need to just get my locks out of the way!

I hope y’all have each had a lovely November! (And my American readers had a great Thanksgiving last week!) I shall be back shortly with some knitting updates!

Hello in there! Anybody home?

November 28, 2012 · 65 lovely thoughts
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tshirt: Anne Taylor | skirt: thrifted | hat: vintage, gift | bow: self made | shoes: Remix Vintage | handbag: vintage, estate sale | earrings: gift | charm bracelet: vintage, family heirloom

I think being pregnant is making my brain come up with crazy outfits like this one! We went on a little daytrip to Colonial Williamsburg, and somehow I just had to wear this hat. (SH, in good humor, refers to my vintage hats as “silly hats”–which is entirely the fault of the Thin Man movies.) It was a gift from my sister in law this year and dates to the 1930s. The hat reminds me a bit of the hats in The Women (particularly the beach wear during the fashion show), and of one in particular on the envelope illustration of a 1940s playsuit pattern I own. It was serendipity this one came to live with me!

We had such a lovely time at Williamsburg (I wish I had gotten more photos to share)–our first real “date day” in what seems like ages (but has really only been a couple of very long months). Not only did we enjoy walking around and getting dinner at one of the taverns (my first time), but I ran into two lovely blog readers! Not once, but twice–we kept bumping into each other. It was so lovely to meet them (hello, Rebecca and J. if you’re reading this!), and chat about sewing, mutual schooling experiences, and whatnot. Plus they were wearing gorgeous 18th century gowns while touring Williamsburg–so eyecatching. (And it gave me ideas as I have a 1780s gown that just needs new undergarments to be worn… Perhaps post-baby?)

On the baby front… I felt the Blueberry move for the first time! Fifteen weeks is really early, or so I’ve heard, but not entirely unusual. It was weird to realize that the little “popcorn popping” feelings I kept noticing when I was resting was the baby. So neat! I had a visit with my midwife this week, and not only did I get to hear the baby’s heartbeat, but I seem to be right on track for this pregnancy. It just seems weird to think that this time next month I shall pretty much have arrived at the halfway point–time is beginning to go by so quickly! We’re already at the point of starting to discuss things like a crib and the set-up for the baby after it’s born. Honestly, the months cannot go fast enough for me, since I’m eager to meet this little person!

And now for the winner of the pattern giveaway! Congratulations, Alli! I’ve contacted you via email already. Don’t despair if you didn’t win this time; I still have a few other giveaways for this fall up my sleeve!

| All photos taken by SH. |

October 3, 2012 · 39 lovely thoughts
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dress: vintage, thrifted | sweater: vintage, estate sale | belt: thrifted | shoes: ASOS | earrings: Etsy | bracelets: thrifted

Needless to say, this is one of the last of my truly vintage dresses that fit (thankfully, most of my blouses and sweaters still do!). That little person in there has been busy growing the past week! Which of course means my belly is growing. I have been so hungry lately too (a welcome change from the previous 2 months), so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a little plumping-up going on. hehe!

But more on this 1940s dress: I thrifted it years ago and could never part with it despite that it’s always been too large. The fabric is so charming as is the handmade nature of the dress. It’s still a bit big pretty much everywhere except my belly, but because it “fits” it works! Belting helps a bit too since I have to hike it up over the bump. I think I may have gotten my seasons mixed up a bit with this dress though: it’s far more spring-like than autumn! But the weather is being finicky right now–low 70s one day and mid 80s the next. Frustrating with an already limited closet… (Thank goodness for lots of cute sweaters like this 1950s era beaded estate sale find.) Hilariously, not 15 minutes after I took these photos, I sneezed and broke the belt. Lesson learned: vintage belts that have seen better days are not the best choice when you’re wearing them over your ribcage atop the bump (and are prone to rather violent sneezes anyway). lol.

Oh, and the title of this post? Pistol Packin’ Mama has been going through my head (don’t try to understand why; things randomly come to me in the wee hours and stick for the next day!). lol. But it is one of my 1940s favorites. :)

September 26, 2012 · 39 lovely thoughts
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cardigan: thrifted | lace top: thrifted | skirt: thrifted | belt: thrifted | wedges: ASOS | earrings: Forever 21

I knew it was coming, but somehow I was still squeezing into my more fitted dresses up until about a week ago. Suddenly the baby bumpy really popped out, and my “waist” started inching north. Which means that all my dresses, tailored to fit my (pre-pregnancy) waist pretty closely, suddenly will not zip. Period. Not to mention drinking the amount of water I do daily, occasional bouts of bloating and whatnot make wearing anything that doesn’t stretch a bit uncomfortable. For the first time in my life, I really (really!) love elastic waists and knits.

I’ve been trying to thrift every week lately in hopes of amassing some sort of pile of maternity-friendly clothes, or at least ones I can alter. Most actual maternity clothes leave me a bit cold style-wise, and I’m not falling all over myself to start sewing quite yet (since I know the bump is going to get really big soon, and some other areas have rounded out a bit; I’m waiting a few weeks). So obviously the old “make do and mend” is coming into play! I have been pretty pleased with the few things I’ve found and redone a bit to work within my wardrobe. I’m having a bit of a style crisis at the moment though: one day I want to dress very girlie, vintage inspired. The next I’m itching to wear long, hippie skirts and bohemian jewelry. This outfit is some weird in-between stage. Is this what all these hormones are doing to me? lol.

So all this to introduce you to the first of my maternity outfit series. I’m hoping to document an outfit a week, up until the little Blueberry makes his/her arrival. This is my week 13 outfit, and one I cobbled together with a new-to-me thrifted skirt and pieces I already had. I have a black and white polka dot skirt (this one is navy blue), but can a girl ever really have too many polka dots in her life? I think not! I find it really comical how different the bump already looks in just a little over a week (the announcement photos we taken the day I officially hit 12 weeks)! I feel so big at this point, and yet I know it’s only the start! hehe. Dressing this is going to be a challenge, but one I’m up for! That and posing for outfit photos… I suddenly don’t know how to position my “new” figure anymore! lol.

And because what outfit post would be complete without a Maverick photobomb? The perspective is throwing his size off a little bit, but he is pretty big at this point! (Like around 70lbs big… I have a horse for a dog.)

Silly dog not turning around to face the camera. :)

September 17, 2012 · 56 lovely thoughts
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top: thrifted | trousers: made by me | handbag: made by me | shoes: ASOS | belt: thrifted | bracelets: secondhand and gift | Navy sweetheart pin: vintage, gift | scarf: estate sale

(Apologies about the messy fireplace hearth… But it’s hard to keep the floor clean for more than 5 minutes with the puppy! lol.) Most of these pieces you’ve seen before on the ol’ blog, but to be honest lately I’ve been relying on many of my favorite pieces to get my summer wardrobe started. I’ve been wearing a lot of bright, poppy color combinations of late, and this outfit was a rest from all that color. (Though truth be told, I had to change later that day and picked something with a bit more vibrancy!) It’s simple, but fun with the scarf and record handbag–and was nice and cool to wear that day!

Obligatory puppy shot! He was being particularly wild and fidgety that day, so the fact that I even got this slightly-blurry picture was a miracle. Maverick has gotten so big–over 45 pounds! Hard to believe he still can do a lot of growing since he’s just coming up on 6 months old. He’s pretty inseparable when SH or I are home; and honestly I can’t imagine not having him around at this point!

June 14, 2012 · 38 lovely thoughts
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