Hello, friends! Firstly: thank you for all the fantastic entries for the pattern giveaway last week. A winner was randomly selected and has been contacted. Keep your eyes open for another pattern giveaway in the near future–I think maybe one of these a month would be fun, don’t you?

I’m in the middle of a little sewing marathon (well, naptime sewing marathons! lol.), and have been a bit obsessed about dreaming up vintage ensembles. One of my favorite sources for inspiration (besides vintage magazines and old Hollywood photos!) is paper dolls. I picked up these lovely ladies a couple years ago on Etsy, and although they were obviously played with and loved, they have some pretty swell fashion! I’d love to, if I ever have time, to digitally repair these and print them on new cardstock for Audrey to play with when she’s a bit older!

Aren’t these cute outfits though? The 1940s really had the best paper dolls, in my opinion (I might just be biased though since I tend to favor fashion from that decade!). I especially love the winter snow ensemble! If I had something that cute to wear out in the snow, I might not mind it so much… hehe!

And check out those overalls (dungarees to some of you) ! I have a soft spot for 40s overalls, though I’m not sure I could pull the look off. But patterns like this one from Wearing History always tempt me. I do have an actual 40s pattern for overalls in my collection… Seems like it’d be a cute look for doing chores around the house or gardening (though who am I kidding?! I have a black thumb and can’t grow anything! lol.).

If you’d like to see more paper doll fashion, check out this post last year about the Hedy Lamar paper dolls I thrifted last year!

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I had another post planned today, but decided to post this instead. I was very sad to hear that Esther Williams passed away yesterday. I always loved watching her movies when they were on TCM and have collected pictures of her over the years. She truly had a classy style, and you can’t beat those fancy swimsuits she got to wear in her movies in the 40s and 50s! I always get a bit sad when another icon of Hollywood’s Golden Era passes. I grew up watching mostly movies from the 1930s-60s, so in many ways I’m far more familiar with the movie stars of my grandparent’s day than mine! :) I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures I pulled from my files…

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Allow me to share one of perhaps my best thrift finds ever: a 1942 booklet of Hedy Lamarr paper dolls! I ran across this gem recently, and was floored that it was even in the thrift store (how many people donate these rather than throw them away, sadly?)–and better yet it was discount day! I love vintage paper dolls from the 1940s, and have a tiny collection going. There is something so darling about all their little technicolor, idealized paper fashions! I thought I’d share some snapshots of the inside pages because there is lots of beautiful, early 1940s eye candy! (Be sure to click for larger versions.)

Yummy fashions, no? I think I am particular in love with the casual outfits–and the colors! I’ll take one of each in my closet, please (though maybe after I get through this pregnancy… lol.)!

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are in the coastal areas of New England, battling the after-effects of the hurricane! It skirted by us as it went up the coast, with comparatively little disruption, but still dumped a load of rain (the roads flooded here, as they always do!) on us along with strong winds. Seeing the pictures and video coming out of the New England area is heart breaking, and my hope is that everyone stay safe and authorities continue to work to get aid and clean up to the affected areas soon. Stay safe, everyone!

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As the halfway point of this pregnancy draws closer and closer (how did it sneak up on me like this?! lol.), I’ve been finding myself musing over teeny tiny clothes for the Blueberry. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon what the baby’s gender is, so I can really get started on planning a cute wardrobe! I have a real weakness for baby and toddler clothes from the 1920s through 40s, and these pages show some really adorable pieces I’d love to have in the nursery’s dresser drawers. Gingham! Rompers! Cute little sunbonnets! What’s not to love? I’ve decided, no matter what the Blueberry is (meaning boy or girl!) I need to make some little shorts overalls like the ones on the bottom of the last page for next summer. I suspect if this baby is anything like SH and I, it’ll be a scooter and have the proverbial “ants in it’s pants” even at an early age… ;)

P.S. Thank you for the words of concern and good health for my mom in the previous post. She has been so touched and heartened by reading those!

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Hello, friends! My sincere apologies for dropping off the face of the internet, but things just got too hectic around here. (I seem to say that a lot anymore, don’t I? lol. Since moving, life seems to keep going through these spurts of intense activity and packed schedules!) Namely: little Maverick had surgery, we had family visiting over the Fourth of July holiday, and SH took a few days of leave that both of us desperately needed. Thanks for sticking around through these little, impromptu breaks I take occasionally!

Now on to a little Monday morning inspiration! I’ve got some lovely images from the mid 1940s that I scrounged up; a few might look familiar to long-time readers (but I think were worth resharing!). For the past couple weeks I keep going between obsessing over 1940s style (sailor style shorts and plaid tops, scarves around my head and bright red lipstick!) and early 60s looks (bouffant hairstyles and bouncy sundresses). I have precious little inspiration pieces from the early 60s, which is probably why I keep returning to the 40s (it happens to be my favorite anyway!). hehe! Enjoy!

Aside from this being a really cut dress (stripes! pinafore style!), I also love that it was sold at Hecht’s. Anyone who grew up in the mid-Atlantic region probably remembers the Hecht department stores.

Aren’t those shoulders crazy?! hehe! Not so keen on the shoulder (or the ruffled hip yoke…), but I love the print. Those loopy, abstract florals were quite popular in the 40s, though a bit difficult to find today. I love how informal and not overly-sweet these sort of floral prints tend to be.

Aren’t these two dresses just too cute (and perfect for afternoon tea)? I love the windowpane plaid dress on the left; though the scooped neckline and self-fabric sash on the right dress is pretty too!

I think I may have posted this one ages ago, but it’s honestly a favorite of mine! I love the piped sleeves–I’m sure it’d be quite fussy to do, but is such a neat detail…

Funtogs! (Don’t you just love those terms they came up with in the 40s?) I do love me a good, 1940s trousers outfit–and these light colored ones (I’m assuming white?) on the left are drool-worthy! I’m also intrigued by the skirt that supposedly “repleats itself” when folded… Must have been some permanent press technique?

With temperatures soring near or above 100°F lately, stylish mesh shoes sound like a good idea to me! I’ll take a pair in each color. The $5.50 price tag from the mid 1940s translates to just under $68 in today’s dollars–not too bad! If only one could find shoes like this now… (The only modern mesh shoes I’ve seen are pretty icky, imho!)

Any details inspiring you in these pictures?

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