Casey is wearing: plaid shirt: thrifted | white shorts: made by me | bracelet: vintage, estate sale | earrings: Forever 21 | platforms: ASOS | sunglasses: Target | diaper bag: Storksac
    Audrey Leigh is wearing: gingham dress: thrifted | headband: local consignment shop

Let’s talk about these shorts, shall we? I made them in June 2012 and never showed them off here (I actually made a few summer ensembles that never made it to the blog because things were busy last summer, and then my waist started to grow because of Audrey!). They were inspired by some sailor style shorts I’ve seen in pictures of movie startlets from the 40s, and I adapted a pattern I custom drafted for myself years ago. I think I’d make a few tweaks if I were to make them again (mainly altering the angle of the drop front opening–it’s a teeny bit tight to pull over the hips!), but overall I love how they look. And that is saying something because I don’t really consider myself a “shorts girl” and mostly live in light cotton skirts throughout the summer. I’ve been wearing these a lot with plaid shirts–inspired by a picture of Audrey Hepburn–very 50s style!

In other news: Audrey has been graduating from 0-3 to 3-6 month clothes, which is both exciting (she’s growing!) but a bit sad (we’re done with the newborn stage). This dress is one I thrifted over the winter, before she was born, and was so excited to finally pull out and have her wear! (It’s got cherries! Somehow that has become a theme in her wardrobe…) She typically wears rompers on a daily basis, but if we’re going out to meet with some friends, I usually put a dress on her for fun. Although at this point she’s discovered that she can pull the hem of her dresses up to chew on… hehe!

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July 12, 2013 · 36 lovely thoughts
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    Casey is wearing: cotton circle skirt: 50s vintage | blue tshirt: Boden, thrifted | shoes: Rita pumps, Remix | belt: thrifted | bracelet: Forever 21
    Audrey Leigh is wearing: romper: vintage, thrifted | striped onesie: thrifted | headband: handmade

I keep meaning to capture outfits that are the super comfy ones: long jersey maxi skirts and the like. Something that is very postpartum friendly. But in the past week the vintage bug has bit hard, and I’ve been finding I can squeeze into some of my favorite vintage and retro pieces at last! (Well, sort of: a waist cincher has been helping with certain garments! lol.) So cue the pinup hairstyles, high waist skirts, fluffy petticoats and snazzy heels. Yes, I really did wear this for an entire day (in fact two; though not consecutive). Errands, playing on the floor with Audrey, cleaning, and a few baby messes. Dressing in a vintage or vintage inspired manner can be done when you’re a mama!

Thank you all so, so much for your comments on last week’s (lone! ;) ) post. I’ve not had a chance to respond to a couple questions, but I’ll try to later this week!

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June 5, 2013 · 31 lovely thoughts
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One of the new features I couldn’t wait to introduce after Audrey Leigh was born was the Mama & Baby Style Series. Like my old outfit posts, but with a very cute little miss by my side. (There will still probably be solo outfit posts too!) Not only is she starting to wear more interesting ensembles now that she’s out of newborn sizes, but I’m beginning to feel a bit more confident about how I look and dressing my still-recovering figure. ;) (Thank goodness for thrift stores–it has certainly made dressing my postpartum figure affordable!) I’ve been wearing a lot of outfits that fall into the “casual rockabilly” category, or conversely sporting a minimalist hippie look. In other words: I’ve been having fun with my clothes, while keeping things practical enough for the daily realities (especially since Miss A. has a way of getting messes on me!). I haven’t owned a denim pencil skirt in years, but it’s a nice break from jeans!

    Casey is wearing: plaid shirt: thrifted | tank top: Target | denim pencil skirt: thrifted | wedges: ASOS | purse/diaper bag: Jessica Simpson | earrings: vintage, thrifted | turban: made by me | lipstick: MAC “Russian Red”
    Audrey Leigh is wearing: raspberry romper: thrifted | socks: Carter’s | turban: made by me

Yes, we are wearing matching headbands–doesn’t everyone? lol. I admit, I harbor schemes of eventually (one day!) making us matching summer playsuits! Or dresses… Matching mother-daughter dressing may be so 1988, but I don’t really care!

Look who photobombed (as usual!). He is so curious about the baby–and I’m pretty sure just a wee bit jealous of all the attention she gets. He’s so gentle around her though (usually; unless he’s being wild); we do have to keep a very close eye on him when he and Audrey are together since he has no idea how big and heavy he is! (Let’s just put it this way: he still thinks he’s a little puppy and tries to sit on our laps!)

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May 22, 2013 · 45 lovely thoughts
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maternity skirt: Target | cardigan: thrifted and refashioned | maternity top: NEX | shoes: Madden Girl | belt: thrifted | bracelet: vintage | scarf: H&M

Somehow I slipped into the third trimester without realizing it… Mostly because my official departure point from the second to third happened about a week before Christmas, so I was preoccupied with gift wrapping and cookie baking! Then New Year’s came along, as well as a make-up Christmas with my inlaws. Now we’re nearly done with January and this little lady doesn’t have much longer before she arrives (we’re well into the single digits of weeks left!), and both SH and I are starting to realize that time is ticking to get some baby things done!

The bump is also getting bigger in leaps and bounds. My handy little pregnancy tracking application for my phone tells me she’s almost 4lbs. now (my OB confirmed that she is measuring right on track), which I can believe by the jarring movements she makes at all times of day (and night). They are no longer little “flutters”–they’re full on eruptions of a baby in an ever-shrinking space. I swear I wake up some mornings and it seems like she’s grown!

Stylewise, I feel like my options are also shrinking my leaps and bounds! While I may be able to fit into a handful of pre-pregnancy separates, that’s mostly relegated to modern-cut jeans and cardigans. Even some of my formerly loose button up shirts are getting a bit tight across my belly! lol. I admit: I have had zero inclination to sew maternity clothes. I admire gals who whip up gorgeous outfits! I think though, this being my first pregnancy and not being able to anticipate how my figure would change, it scared me off a bit from devoting a lot of time to sewing clothes. Maybe the next one I’ll do better? So I have a fairly limited wardrobe at the moment of odd Target and thrift stores finds, and a few things people have given me that work. Next up: stealing SH’s button down shirts to wear over my jeans! hehe! One thing I’ve found is that integrating “vintage style” into a pregnancy wardrobe is a bit of a challenge. I can’t just pull a 1950s shirtwaist dress out of my closet and call it done. Now I have to actually plan things out a bit more, and rely heavily on the overall effect of makeup, hair and accessories. It’s a fun challenge though!

Spot the new background? I decided to move things up to the nursery for picture taking! We get some lovely, soft morning light in that room, and I don’t get the weird shadows I did in the living room. Everything is very much a work in progress right now; we just got the crib put together last week and finalized the furniture placement while SH was off on Monday (it was a Federal holiday here in the US). So now it’s time for me to work some magic with artwork, sew a few things from vintage sheets, and generally add a little dash of whimsy to the space.

I hope you all are having a lovely January thus far! I know I’ve been terribly absent here; there have been a few things afoot that have taken me away from blogging. These past months have not been how I envisioned my blogging would go. And yet, I’ve been learning to give myself a little more grace and realizing that perhaps the way I did things for years just isn’t working quite as well anymore. I’ll figure it out one of these days! :)

The photo-bombing dog, who decided he didn’t want to be part of the photoshoot after all! He also just celebrated his first birthday earlier in the month. Yet, you would never know it by the way he acts…

January 23, 2013 · 55 lovely thoughts
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cardigan: thrifted, refashioned | shirt: Target | jeans: Motherhood Maternity | shoes: Blowfish | scarf & belt: thrifted | anchor pin: made by me

Where to begin? Frankly, there is too much in the past three weeks to condense succinctly into a blog post, nor do I want to rehash everything that has gone on. Suffice to say there have been some lovely moments (Miss Blueberry’s kicks growing more energetic and even visible at times; SH coming home after weeks away, hosting Thanksgiving for a handful of sailors), and some moments that made me want to scream and cry all at once (pregnancy hormones seem to exacerbate stressful things…). I’ve been busy with a few creative things in the background, and I want to share all the baby knitting I’ve done over the course of the month with you! Let’s not forget Christmas either; my favorite time of year! I have a post in the works on some decorating things I’ve done around here, as well as my annual cookie baking. But first I wanted to show y’all how big this bump is getting! hehe!

Some days I’m a bit sad I can’t wear my favorite vintage dresses and skirts right now, but on the whole I’m fairly satisfied with the maternity wardrobe I’ve been piecing together and how I’m crafting outfits around my new figure. Accessories have become a big part of my daily dressing, and scarves have been in heavy rotation! I was so excited when I saw Tasha’s tutorial on how to create a backroll ‘do using a scarf (if you haven’t checked it out yet, you must!), because it just gives me another excuse to wear one of my colorful squares. It’s so easy and works well with my long, thick hair–a style I hope to keep in my hip pocket for those post-birth days I need to just get my locks out of the way!

I hope y’all have each had a lovely November! (And my American readers had a great Thanksgiving last week!) I shall be back shortly with some knitting updates!

Hello in there! Anybody home?

November 28, 2012 · 65 lovely thoughts
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