There are some vintage sellers/bloggers whose enthusiasm is always catching and inspires me to no end. Sammy of Sammy Davis Vintage is one of those gals. I’ve collaborated with her in the past, and when she asked me to take a look at a new eBook she published–100 Best Vintage Shops Online–I knew I couldn’t say no!

One of the frequent emails I get is along the lines of “where can I find vintage clothing to buy? I don’t have any vintage stores locally!“. Believe me: I know how confusing it can be with the myriad of purveyors of vintage online–which are the best? Fortunately, Sammy has done the digging for you on the web’s largest retail hubs (Etsy, Ebay and indie shops) and connected with some of the best out there. A newbie to buying vintage online? She also has taken some of the guesswork out of things that tend to stump one from time to time: measuring yourself for fit, common vintage terms, styles and niches to consider when buying, etc. It’s the kind of guide I wish I had access to 10 years ago when I started buying vintage online!

I have to admit: I’ve been hanging around many of these vintage hotspots for years, and I still managed to find some shops that hadn’t crossed my radar yet alongside some of my longtime favorites! (Which meant that while I was reading this eBook for review, I spent a lot of time also browsing shops!) Additionally, each shop is divided into a category of the main hub (again: Etsy, Ebay or indie shop), ranked in that category, with decades specialized in list as well as general pricing and an overview of the shop. For someone who is visual like myself, I especially love the use of images from the shop’s stock next to the text. And because it’s an eBook, visiting the virtual vintage store is only a click away in each listing! Sammy has done an excellent job of collating all this information into a neat and tidy package–and for a great price too!

If you’re new the the world of buying vintage online, or maybe a veteran like me, I think 100 Best Vintage Shops Online is a fantastic starting point for finding new (or rediscovering) online treasure troves of coveted vintage. Interested in previewing 100 Best Vintage Shops Online before you buy? Sammy has a free excerpt available here.

Sammy is trying to further her research that she did for 100 Best Vintage Shops Online and achieve an even better picture of vintage buying online. Right now she’s doing a survey, that she would love to get some additional feedback on. All survey responses are entered to win one of 3 $50 Etsy giftcards–but hurry! The survey closes July 22. You can take the survey by clicking here.

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The eBook reviewed here was sent to me complimentary for consideration. Opinions expressed in this review are solely my own.

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My apologies this didn’t go up on Friday as promised. The day got away from me, as some days are apt to do, and before I knew it, it was late at night and I decided to just wait until the next week to post this giveaway. Hope it was worth the wait!

I find myself using words that I hear very rarely out of the mouths of people my age: things like “spiffy”, “snazzy”, etc. Yes, I really do. I think snazzy will always be my favorite though, becuase I remember my grandfather (who passed away years ago) saying it regularly to refer to things he thought were neat or eye catching. It’s far superior to “cool”, in my not-so-humble opinion.

But enough about words! What is this “snazzy giveaway”? Remember those patterns I showed you a sneak peek of a little while ago? Well, I’m going to be giving them away individually over the course of the autumn, so here is the first one. There is nothing quite like spreading a little vintage pattern love, especially since I hear so many of you struggle with finding them locally! This giveaway is for Simplicity #5234, dated 1963 on the envelope. I’ve gone through it and counted all the pieces, and the instructions are present. The envelope is a bit crinkled, but everything is there. It’s a vintage size 16, which translates to a 34″ bust, 26″ waist, and 36″ hip. (But don’t let sizing stop you!) I think this would make a lovely ensemble for either the autumn or spring, depending on what season you’re preparing for!


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Hello and happy September, friends! I’m still lurking about here, though not blogging like I’d like to. I’ve gotten a slew of very sweet, very concerned emails over the past week, and I want to assure everyone that I’m still alive and kicking! hehe. Thank you so much for checking in on me though; I can’t tell you how lovely that has been to find notes in my inbox from readers–they have brightened my days immeasurably.

Things have been a bit topsy-turvy in the past month, and everything seemed to be telling me it was wise to take a blog sabbatical and let life take it’s odd little course it’s on at the moment. I’ve been prepping some posts for later this month though, and will be back next week with a more thorough explanation of some of the craziness that has happened (and kept me from blogging), as well as new projects, inspiration and homemaking posts, and perhaps a giveaway or two (I’m so excited about these and I think you will be too! Let’s just say that vintage sewing patterns are involved!). My sincerest apologies for just dropping off the face of the (virtual) earth for awhile, but I think you’ll understand why it was necessary after next week’s post. ;) (I know, I’m being so mysterious!)

I hope each one of you are having a lovely September thus far! I’ll be back very soon…

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The final day of the vintage pattern giveaway… I always forget how fun these are to do! If you haven’t won yet, there is still another chance (and I dare say there will be more giveaways throughout the summer!). But now for the winner of Wednesday’s giveaway!


Congratulations! I’ll be sending you an email in the next 24 hours.

This last pattern has to be my favorite! There is nothing quite as versatile as the sheath dress, and the mid 60s did the classic silhouette quite well. This pattern has three views; two different neckline options, and two sleeves or sleeveless. Just think of the beautiful fabrics you could use! The pattern is a vintage half-size 14 1/2 (bust 35″, waist 29″ hip 39″), and again should not be too difficult to grade up or down if needed. (I’m going to be doing a series on pattern grading in June, but until then you can find my favorite grading resources here). The envelope does show wear and tear, but all the pieces and instructions are present!

This contest is now closed to entries. Thank you!

The winner will be announced in the weekly inspiration post on Sunday. Best of luck!

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Welcome to the second day of the vintage pattern giveaway! I was so excited about the response to the first one, and I hope y’all will be just as enthusiastic about this (and Friday’s) pattern. If the previous giveaway pattern’s size (a teeny 30″ bust) was a bit of a concern, never fear: both today’s and Friday’s patterns are much more reasonable sizes! But now for the winner of Monday’s giveaway!

Comment #30 by Elizabeth!

Congratulations! I’ll be sending you an email within the next 24 hours.

Today I have a lovely, early 60s tailored blouse pattern with short or long sleeves. This style is so classic and has never really gone “out of style”, and I can see it being a perfect stash-buster with using up some smaller cuts of fabric! This is a vintage size 12 (bust 32″, waist 25″ and hip 34″). Again, if the size is still a bit of an issue, I don’t think grading should be too hard for this basic pattern (I’m going to be doing a series on pattern grading in June, but until then you can find my favorite grading resources here). The pattern cover shows a bit of wear, but all the pieces and instruction sheet are present!

This contest is now closed to entries. Thank you!

The winner will be announced in the next post! Best of luck!

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