06.03.12 | weekly inspiration

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  • Tasia shows how to finish the lining and zipper edge on a dress. It’s specifically for her new Cambie dress, but could easily be applied to other patterns!
  • A great, easy tutorial for adding a cute, vintage-style skirt drape to a dress.
  • Peter shared some thoughts on how to approach a flea market.
  • Some good tips Tasha compiled on how to get yourself out of a crafting slump.
  • I simply adore this beautiful 1940s green suit Johanna made!

Hello, friends! How has your week gone? I’ve been busy with all sorts of things, including starting to help write twice-weekly columns for the Coletterie blog. The first post I helped out with–a roundup of creative links–is already up, and there is another coming this week. I’m rather excited to be doing this as Colette Patterns is a company I have enjoyed helping in the past with various things, and you know I love the patterns too!

I’ve also been doing a bit of sewing–on that 1940s playsuit I posted in my summer sewing list earlier in the week. With the weather being as warm as it has been, I couldn’t help but start with something that looked cool and comfortable to wear! The midriff top is done (hence the snapshot above), but the rest of it is on a bit of standstill. I ended up having enough fabric for shorts and a skirt (although I’m a bit concerned about how sheer the fabric is for shorts, so those are still being debated), so I cut out the skirt and started on that. If you look at the pattern image, the gathering is centered in the front and back, and the sides are left smooth. Despite having a skirt with this exact gather pattern, this skirt was not flattering at all! I spent some quality time with my seam ripper the other evening and am just going to gather it all the way across. Hopefully that will remedy the problem!

My sister is also visiting this week–which is always a lot of fun! We have a few things planned to do, but I think the main idea is to also relax a bit and catch up. She didn’t get to come down to visit us last summer when we were still in Florida, and despite having had a couple visits in between now and then, she had been swamped with her thesis paper prior to graduation last month. So for the first time in a long, long time we’re actually able to have a homework/school-free visit!

Have a lovely rest-of-the-weekend! I shall be back tomorrow with some inspiration.

June 3, 2012 · 6 lovely thoughts
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05.26.12 | weekly inspirationweekly visual moodboard | be sure to click on the image to view picture sources.

A few random photos from Instagram this week (my username is “elegantmusings”).

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the sweet comments about my new ‘do! Oddly enough, I’ve been wearing my hair down almost daily since I cut the bangs; I think for so long I pulled it up or back because my front section annoyingly got in my face. Now that’s not a problem, I’m rediscovering styles that don’t involve a whole lot of fuss! Although the other day I did a high bun and the look was quite fetchingly-quirky with the bangs.

Now for the winner of the third day of the vintage pattern giveaway:


Congratulations and I’ll be sending you an email shortly! Thank you to everyone who entered this series of giveaways; I’m hoping to hold a few more throughout the summer, so stay tuned!

I’m off to enjoy the remainder of a nice, long weekend with my sweetheart. As is typical for us on a holiday weekend like this, there is lots of time spent lounging around, grilling yummy things and eating fresh blackberries I picked up at Trader Joe’s on Friday (a summer treat!). But in the middle of all this holiday cooking and relaxing, I hope that fellow American readers will remember to take a moment to remember the reason we get a 3 day weekend the end of each May: in memorial to the nation’s fallen service members. Have a lovely rest of your weekend, friends!

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05.20.12 | weekly favoritesweekly visual moodboard | be sure to click on the image to view picture sources.

  • My friend (and former FL thrifting partner) Eileen shared some great tips on thrifting.
  • I need to keep this list of roadtrip essentials handy next time we find ourselves on a long car drive.
  • Peter (and his astute readers) weigh in on the “new” revival of the classic pin up.
  • Charlotte weighed in on the topic of why she wears vintage.
  • Mena shared some yummy images of 1940s fabrics.
  • Gorgeous 1958 dresses on the Couture Allure blog!
  • On the Coletterie blog, Sarai asked what readers do when “taste and body don’t match?”.

05.20.12 | gardening
05.20.12 | gardening

Basil and Oregano plants–they’ve grown a lot in the past month!

Happy weekend, friends! I can’t believe how quickly May is flying by–and doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon ’round these parts. This week has been a lot of writing rather than doing on my part–emails always seem to pile up when I’m gone for a few days, and I’m trying to dig out from underneath that. I’m also trying to get back on a blogging schedule now that Maverick is needing less supervision and can actually be trusted on his own for periods of time (though not long–he usually finds something to get into and try to eat! You would not believe what I’ve pulled out of this animal’s mouth in the past few weeks…). So hopefully June will find me on more of an even keel with blogging and bringing you some fun things tutorial-wise!

05.20.12 | gardening

The sad Cilantro…

It’s also been quite rainy here the past week, which has been good for the herbs I planted last month! Although the Thyme isn’t looking too well, and I think I might move it elsewhere so it doesn’t get so much rain (since I read Thyme likes it rather dry). Oh, and a question for all you green thumb types: can you tell me what might be causing these spots on my Cilantro? It’s growing quite well, but I’m not sure why it’s got these little spots. We have it in a natural potting soil mix (my dad mixes his own soil to avoid a lot of the chemical additives in commercial potting mixes, so he gave me a bunch of that!), but I suspect it might still be missing a fertilizer Cilantro (and not the other plants) need. Any help would be appreciated–I can’t seem to find much online and I’d like to start using it in my cooking!

Hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend! I’m off to spend it with SH since he had to work yesterday (boo!), and we could both use a bit of R&R.

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05.13.12 | weekly inspiration

weekly visual moodboard | be sure to click on the image to view picture sources.

  • Pattern sizing got you stumped? Gertie talk a bit about how ease fits into the picture.
  • Have you seen Charlotte’s beautiful version of the “Little Rock Dress“? It’s her first attempt at pattern drafting–bravo!
  • Steph shares some thoughts on how she approaches sewing dresses from 50s patterns.
  • One of my dear blogging friends, Lauren, shared some thoughts on health and happiness this week.
  • A reader shared these 50s fashion catalog pages with me that she discovered on the Reminisce site.

Hello! (Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy-readers!) What a whirlwind week we had… A trip up north to visit my sister for some pre-graduation celebration and then attend her graduation on Saturday (she graduated with a BA in History–hooray!). What made it more exciting was that Maverick came along to visit his “cousins”–my parent’s cats. Let’s just say that while it wasn’t complete chaos, there were a few instances of hissing and barking, cats being chased at high speeds around the house, and one of the cats spending most of his time hiding. Exciting. lol. I’m just glad that for a nearly 40-pound, 4 month old puppy, he’s relatively gentle (just excited to meet and play with other animals).

My sister’s pre-graduation party was a lot of fun to document! She’s hosted for nearly every semester the past four years a “monster party”. The basic premise is that she offers anyone who wants to stop by a custom-drawn monster of their choosing. It’s a great way for she and her friends to relax a bit after finals and introduce a little free art into the mix (it’s a wonderful mood lifter!). While she’s a history major and spends a lot of time writing, she also enjoys drawing and is quite an accomplished cartoonist. I love watching her work and was delighted when we concocted a plan to document her final Monster Party through photographs (and a couple films which I have yet to even look at and see if they turned out!).

Isn’t she talented? She has a blog, and I’m hoping now that college is over, she’ll start posting more of her artwork regularly!

That’s it for me today; I have lots of laundry to do and the pantry is sorely lacking in essentials right now. Have a lovely rest-of-the-weekend!

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06.18.10 {cotton candy}

Hello, dear friends! My apologies posting has been utter rubbish this week; I was visiting my sister and helping document an event she was hosting and that got me a bit distracted for a few days! But I wanted to pop in this morning to let y’all know that I contributed to a group guest interview over at Already Pretty. Perhaps you’ve already seen it, so it’s old news? I was honored when Sally asked me to chat a bit about my love of vintage style and how I incorporate it into my wardrobe. I don’t consider myself a “hardcore” vintage dresser, but someone who likes to add bits and pieces and give the overall “look” of vintage. So I hope you’ll enjoy reading what I had to say (along with two other snappy dressers)!

In discussing vintage style for this guest post, I also was mulling over the topic of why someone would or wouldn’t choose to adopt vintage into their look (providing they even find it an attractive aesthetic)? If you find yourself drawn to vintage style (whether you’re someone who enjoys a more authentic or derivative look), why have you chosen (or not!) to dress this way? I’m always curious what motivates others when it comes to their stylistic choices…

Hope you’re having a lovely day! (And I think maybe Sunday I shall have a peek at some of the photographs I took at my sister’s party! I’m quite tickled with how they came out…)

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