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Every couple weeks I want to share whatever has been catching my eye. As I’ve been going through my blog reader (and Pinterest), I realized there is so much I want to share! Everyone was certainly busy being creative while I’ve been preoccupied. hehe! So I hope you’ll enjoy some of these things that have been making me look twice.

  • I love the look of peek-a-boo bread–who knew it’s so easy?!
  • A good thrift store refashion always catches my attention; I love Solanah’s dress redo.
  • Would love either of these 1940s summer outfits in my closet!
  • Simple, loose-fitting tops have been making rounds in my daily wardrobe, and I love this DIY for a more fancy version.
  • Tasia explains another variation of the waist stay she discovered while sewing a vintage pattern
  • This new 1940s overalls pattern from Wearing History is calling my name…
  • Love wrap skirts but hate how exposing they can be? Megan explains how to create a stay to keep things neat!

Hope all my US readers have a great Memorial Day weekend! We have family coming into town (my inlaws, who haven’t seen Audrey since right after she was born; can’t wait to see their reaction to how big she’s gotten!), and lots of plans for fun and a bit of relaxation. Can’t wait!!!

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May 24, 2013 · 10 lovely thoughts
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Some lovely links for y’all this week! (And a few pretty pictures too.) This week (like most lately!) seems to have been a bit on the crazy side with lots of unexpected popping up. But the upside has been that the weather is slowly but surely cooling off! I am so, so excited and admit I may have jumped the gun on autumn already and had my first pumpkin spice latte and bought a teeny bag of candy corn (my autumnal treat–but I’m making this one last!). Longtime readers know I adore this time of year (I missed it the three years we were in Florida), and although this year looks like it might have some less-than-exciting things going on in the autumn, I’m still trying to enjoy the little moments.

  • 15 things home sewers can learn from industrial sewing!
  • How to make your own retro-style necktie.
  • Autumn means apples! This year I won’t be making my usual homemade applesauce (boo!), but I might make some apple chips.
  • Psst! Have you heard that Gertie is hosting another coat sew along?
  • I haven’t been doing a lot of vintage hairdo’s lately, but Brittany has a great idea for a super cheap hair rat.

Can we also chat about the new sewing patterns over at Colette Patterns (pictured above)?! I got a teeny, tiny peek at them as they were being developed, and wow–was I sad that I won’t be making those trousers any time soon! lol. The Anise jacket really spoke to me though, and I think I could easily get away with making and wearing unbuttoned while the weather is still mild. I don’t really have any proper, short jackets anyway (besides blazers), so this might be wise to add to my fall sewing wishlist. I really want a cream or white jacket, but knowing my propensity to spill things on myself (and thinking post-baby), I think that probably isn’t the wisest choice. I already have a navy blue coat, red, of course black, and houndstooth. Perhaps I need a green jacket? Or maybe mustard yellow…

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! It’s the first in my maternity style series. I am nearly 14 weeks right now (well, they keep moving my due date around, so the latest is that I’m nearly 14 weeks… lol. Either this baby is just growing fast–which would not surprise me since I was a big ‘un when I was born–or the ultrasound is lying. haha!), and let me tell you: I have had to pack so many clothes away this week! My wardrobe suddenly shrunk a lot… Goodbye, pretty vintage clothes (and waist)!

September 16, 2012 · 24 lovely thoughts
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06.24.12 | weekly inspiration

  • I love these suggestions for fancy ice cubes. I need to make a tray of coffee ones for my afternoon cup o’ Joe!
  • I may not be pregnant, but I’ve pretty much wanted to copy every maternity outfit Mandi has posted…
  • Portia shares some helpful tips on refashioning trousers.
  • An interesting discussion on Charlotte’s blog about the narrow definition of “vintage” in popular media that seems to have cropped up.
  • Lauren shared some scans of gorgeous summer shoes from 1938!
  • Make a cute summer accessory: a hairbow made with a scrap of vintage fabric.
  • Peter shared some tips on how he makes the waistbands on pants.

Whew! I hope y’all are staying cool if it’s summertime where you are! It’s been a hot week, and even after enduring three Gulf Coast summers, I’m still feeling a little wiped by the weather (and this week in general–it’s been one of those weeks both SH and I are glad is over!). But happily I have my 40s playsuit to wear–so I can stay cool. hehe!

I want to note really quickly that I’ve been getting a lot of emails about images being down on specific posts. My apologies: I had a bunch of images hosted elsewhere and my “pro account” has lapsed and I decided not to renew. But the process of moving and changing the url’s on all the images is taking time! I’ve gone through and redone the one that was most pressing: the circle skirt sew-along. But other posts may take a bit longer. Thank you for letting me know of the missing images and your patience!

Another thing you may have noticed lately is that I’ve been skipping posting on Wednesdays. My old schedule was Monday, Wednesday, Friday (and Sunday for links)–nice and evenly spread across the week. But lately my personal schedule midweek has gotten a bit more crowded, so I’ve decided to move things around a bit and testing a new posting goal: Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday. Hopefully this will work a bit better for me and not leave me scrambling to get posts formatted!

Have a lovely rest of your weekend, friends!

June 24, 2012 · 8 lovely thoughts
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06.17.12 | weekly inspiration

weekly visual moodboard | be sure to click on the image to view picture sources.

  • This tutorial from Steph on removing excess back-thigh fabric on pants is so helpful!
  • Beautiful shoe scans from 1939-1941. Drool worthy!
  • I love these easy, homemade pickles recipes (no canning required for those of us who don’t know how!).
  • A thoughtful discussion on the merits and pitfalls of .pdf sewing patterns.
  • Have I shared a link to Mid Century Menu with you yet? I think not. Go check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

weekly Instagram photos (my username is “elegantmusings”).

Hello, friends! Not a whole lot to talk about this week–it’s been a busy time for me! Happily busy, though. For which I am grateful. Now I’m just trying to get some sewing squeezed in before the new week really and truly starts. But so many ideas (and *ahem* deviations from my original summer plans…) are floating through my head right now. But my lack of serious sewing time this weekend really only has me to blame: SH and I have been spending a lot of time enjoying the sunshine and mild weather riding around on his motorcycle. (Hence the snapshot above of me with my new helmet!) But my summer clothes won’t sew themselves! hehe!

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

June 17, 2012 · 10 lovely thoughts
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06.10.12 | weekly inspiration

weekly visual moodboard | be sure to click on the image to view picture sources.

  • Ever want to try hemstitching? There is a great tutorial from the Coletterie blog.
  • A lovely example of a WWII era dress sporting a propaganda print.
  • I’m really quite happy it’s summer right now (all my favorite sundresses can be worn!), but this cute outfit with it’s autumny colors and cape is making me wish just a tiny bit it were fall!
  • I love this collection of 1940s summer snapshots. So many gorgeous vintage looks to inspire this summer!
  • Faced with rain? Take some inspiration on classy vintage rainwear looks over at Couture Allure.

06.10.12 | the week in snapshots

weekly Instagram photos (my username is “elegantmusings”).

Hello, friends! Seems I disappeared again toward the end of the week, eh? Right smack in the middle of the week I developed some weird ailment, that while it didn’t have me totally down, meant I had to take a trip to the doctor’s (not my favorite thing to do) and found myself really sleepy for a few days. I seem to be on the mend though from this Mystery Illness (yay!)–just in time for the weekend and spending some time with SH at some local events, soaking up the sunshine.

I want to say a big thank you regarding your enthusiastic response to the launch of the Pattern Grading 101 series! I am so excited many of you are curious about this and are eager to learn more. The first technical post won’t be up until next week, but I can’ wait to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years. I think LBC put it best about how pattern grading can revolutionize your sewing toolkit: “. I don’t want to sound hyperbolic, but it has honestly been one of the most empowering things I’ve learned in the past . . . I don’t know how long.” I was fortunate enough to learn about grading just as I was beginning to seriously sew with vintage patterns (about age 17/18), and it opened my world to a lot of new possibilities as I was no longer tied to the numbers on the pattern envelope! Which might be a bad thing considering how many vintage patterns I have… *ahem*

Enough rambling about pattern grading… I have a feeling that I shall do plenty of that in the next month over the course of the series! Hope y’all are having a lovely, sun-filled weekend!

June 10, 2012 · 17 lovely thoughts
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