Good morning friends! Gosh, I was away a bit longer than I intended. Not for lack of desire to blog but I’ve just been enjoying soaking up these first weeks with Audrey that I somehow kept putting off returning to the blog. hehe! But I’m back because it just seemed like I couldn’t keep away any longer! Thank you all so much for all the lovely notes and emails the past weeks–and hanging in there while I took a break! I hope you’ve had a lovely April and May–I’ve missed you all and our fun together here!

Motherhood has been the most rewarding, frustrating, joyful and exhausting thing I have ever done. I had somewhat idealized visions of easily slipping into this new role and making things I did prior to Audrey’s birth fit seamlessly with my new life. What a beginner’s mistake! hehe. I have since learned that having a meticulously clean house is not as important (and man can I clean quickly when I do have the time! haha!), sewing gets done in 15 minute snippets (and some weeks not at all; the Laundry Monster trumps that!), and cuddles with a little cutie is more fun than spending 30 minutes on a perfect pinup hair do. ;) I’m slowly making some of my favorite pre-baby things mesh with this new lifestyle pace, but it’s a learning process–and a humbling one at that.

[ above: Audrey and I when she was two weeks old. ]

Audrey will be two months old this Sunday! I feel like I blinked and went from a sleepy newborn who I worried over constantly, to a chubby little baby who is extremely curious about the world around her (and doesn’t want to sleep!). She recently discovered her loud voice (aside from crying–we went through a really awful colicky period of about two weeks, until I figured out through elimination that it was a few foods in my diet causing problems. Since then the crying has subsided quite a bit, thank goodness!), and has been startling Maverick with her sudden and ear-piercing coo. I feel like everyday brings something new. Many times I’ve wished I could have a camera following us around during the day to catch every face she makes and new discovery–because these days are just going too fast and I want to soak them up forever.

So what is on the horizon for blogging? I’ve pretty much ascertained my goal will be posting three times a week. Outfit posts, hopefully a few DIY’s here and there, homemaking, link roundups and of course vintage inspirations will probably be standard. I have some darling 1920s knitting patterns I transcribed while I was pregnant that I can’t wait to share with y’all, as well as some reviews and mother-daughter outfit posts! I dare say that learning to fit blogging in with things is going to be fraught with a few hiccups, so please bear with me as I get my sea legs!

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Hello, everyone! These past few weeks have been full to the brim; last-minute dates for SH and I, socializing with friends, and trying not to focus too much on when Miss Blueberry will appear. Her “official” due date is just days away, but she seems intent at this point on staying past and enjoying her last days of peace and quiet. lol. I go between moments of frenetic energy cleaning the house and trying to get things set up and prepped for the baby, and wanting nothing more than to lay on the sofa and nap (or watch season 1 episodes of my newest BBC drama addiction: Call the Midwife). Exciting times, I tell you! lol.

[ Random snapshots from my Instagram (username: elegantmusings) over the past few weeks. Look at that belly! ]

I am so excited spring is (finally!) officially here! Last winter was such an opposite of this: warmer than usual and far less dreary days. I do not do well with dreary, cold weather. We’ve had a few teaser days of unbelievably warm and sunny weather (in which I remember why living near the coastline is so fun!), and I can’t wait for it to truly warm up so we can start spending more time outside as a family (without me turning into an icicle!). Of course, today is characteristically cold and dreary. But I’ve been seeing early spring flowers popping up in front yards and the songbirds have been singing from morning until late in the evening, so my favorite season is truly just around the corner!

Lastly, I just wanted to let those know–who haven’t heard–that Google Reader will be shutting down as of July. I am really quite sad that my favorite feed reader is going away, since it’s the one I’ve used the longest and felt worked best for me with how I read blogs. It also seems to be the one that most of you, my dear readers, use as well. I went ahead and switched all my feeds over to Bloglovin’, so I don’t forget in the impending haze of new motherhood. But at least you have a few months to test out and decide on a new blog reader. There was a great comparison of three of the most popular readers on The Crafty Cupboard, for those still not sure which reader to make the switch to. Of course, if you’d like to follow Elegant Musings on Bloglovin’, you can find it here.

This will be my final post for the next month or so. I am really hoping Miss Blueberry comes sooner rather than later, and I have been ordered by SH to start taking it easy. hehe. While I will be on a short maternity break from blogging, I’ll be back by late April or the very start of May at the latest with new and exciting things! Thank you all so much for your encouragement and sweet words throughout this pregnancy; it’s been so fun to be able to share little peeks into it with you!

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Dear Friends,

I have, I think, suffered a bit from major blogging burnout the past months. It’s been brewing for awhile, to be sure, but came to a head this month. I could ramble on about how there are more than  a few offline (otherwise known as “real life”! hehe!) things of big importance have been vying for my attention these days and eating my time, but y’all know how that is. Because I’m sure you’ve been in the same spot before: too much to do, and far too little time and energy to accomplish it all in. ‘Nuff said. But the bottom line is this: after my previous post, I didn’t do more than check my email, personal Facebook and occasionally Pinterest for days. The internet and blogland had just become too overwhelming for me. I avoided it. Something had to give, and it was the blog and my feed reader.

I say this with a somewhat heavy heart, since abandoning my blog is never in my plans. I missed this space and all of you for all the days I avoided the internet. I felt guilty and like I was missing an outlet for my creativity and interests; but at the same time I’ve been feeling incredibly stifled by the blog itself. I knew the answer wasn’t to stop blogging altogether though! The blog needs to return a bit to what I originally started it for: sharing my myriad of creative interests and inspirations. I feel that I’ve gotten too focused on just vintagy things and sewing. Which I love and will never abandon, but there is a bit more balance to be had.

Things will be loosening up and evolving a bit around here over the next few months–becoming a bit more organic. I need to find more of a relaxed approach to blogging and make it fit seamlessly (and joyfully!) back into my schedule as it used to. I want a return of more creative joy and fun around here! There will be more about thrifting, my homemaking interests (I’ve missed those…), refashions, little inspirations, and everyday outfits. Sewing and vintage will still play a part, but perhaps yield a bit more to general creativity in ways I haven’t in the recent past.

Hopefully the change will be in ways that will still interest most of you who stop by to read my ramblings! (I’m very thankful for those of you who do continue to check by here!)  So I hope you’ll hang in there over the next few months as Elegant Musings goes through a few growing pains and I attempt to find a new footing with blogging. I still want this to be a restful, inspiring place that you enjoy coming to every few days!

Thanks for you so much for reading this little blog… I am so thankful for the amazing, creative and caring community that has sprung up around here–it is a blessing!

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05.13.12 | weekly inspiration

weekly visual moodboard | be sure to click on the image to view picture sources.

  • Pattern sizing got you stumped? Gertie talk a bit about how ease fits into the picture.
  • Have you seen Charlotte’s beautiful version of the “Little Rock Dress“? It’s her first attempt at pattern drafting–bravo!
  • Steph shares some thoughts on how she approaches sewing dresses from 50s patterns.
  • One of my dear blogging friends, Lauren, shared some thoughts on health and happiness this week.
  • A reader shared these 50s fashion catalog pages with me that she discovered on the Reminisce site.

Hello! (Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy-readers!) What a whirlwind week we had… A trip up north to visit my sister for some pre-graduation celebration and then attend her graduation on Saturday (she graduated with a BA in History–hooray!). What made it more exciting was that Maverick came along to visit his “cousins”–my parent’s cats. Let’s just say that while it wasn’t complete chaos, there were a few instances of hissing and barking, cats being chased at high speeds around the house, and one of the cats spending most of his time hiding. Exciting. lol. I’m just glad that for a nearly 40-pound, 4 month old puppy, he’s relatively gentle (just excited to meet and play with other animals).

My sister’s pre-graduation party was a lot of fun to document! She’s hosted for nearly every semester the past four years a “monster party”. The basic premise is that she offers anyone who wants to stop by a custom-drawn monster of their choosing. It’s a great way for she and her friends to relax a bit after finals and introduce a little free art into the mix (it’s a wonderful mood lifter!). While she’s a history major and spends a lot of time writing, she also enjoys drawing and is quite an accomplished cartoonist. I love watching her work and was delighted when we concocted a plan to document her final Monster Party through photographs (and a couple films which I have yet to even look at and see if they turned out!).

Isn’t she talented? She has a blog, and I’m hoping now that college is over, she’ll start posting more of her artwork regularly!

That’s it for me today; I have lots of laundry to do and the pantry is sorely lacking in essentials right now. Have a lovely rest-of-the-weekend!

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Kitty cards always win Brownie Points!

Have you ever done a swap with a blogger friend? I’ve been delighted to do a small handful of them in the past, and recently Lauren of Lladybird blog (one of my favorite sewing blogs!) and I decided to do a little swap of sewing goodies! She is not only an immensely talented seamstress (who shares my adoration of vintage patterns) and fellow flea market/thrift store “haunter”. For me, it’s not only exciting to get a package (who doesn’t like mail???), but gathering up things to send to the other person. These swaps are always a fun way to “meet” the bloggers I’ve come to form friendships with–it makes it feel like all the neat, creative types aren’t so far-flung across the globe!

Lauren and I thought it would be fun to do tandiem posts about our swap boxes, so I wanted to show y’all what goodies she sent. I have to admit that I feel rather sheepish because I think my box wasn’t half as amazing as the one she sent me! You spoiled me, Lauren! hehe.

Beautiful trims and fabrics! I just love the colors she chose for me. The wide, white lace is actually antique–I think I must make an Edwardian day dress very soon!

How did Lauren know I needed more flower pins? hehe! I love this one and have already worn it!

Funnily enough, I think I slipped a packet of red buttons in her box… Love the nautical patches and the scarf (!) she sent!

Patterns! I think I screamed a little when I looked through these–all are styles I’ve been hunting for…

I think I’m especially smitten with that 50s trousers pattern! (The red version, please!) I’m itching to get through a few little projects I have on tap for this month and make a muslin of those soon. I think I might actually have some red twill that will work, since I’m easily influenced by pattern cover color schemes. She told me she got most of this at flea markets and thrifts, which makes me want to take a road trip very soon. hehe! Thank you again, Lauren for doing this swap with me (and being so patient–I was a little tardy with sending my package!)! Be sure to click over to her blog to see what I sent her (as well as see what new sewing projects she’s been up to–she’s a busy bee!).

Perhaps this is a tacky place to add this on to, but since I was too busy and away from the internet for part of this week, I wanted to announce the winner of the Colette Patterns giveaway! There were over 450 comments left on that post, and I loved reading them (well, I’m still working through!). It’s always fun to hear what your favorite pattern and dream fabric would be. So without further ado, the winner is…

Almira Ansoa

“I’d like to try the Macaron No. 1001. I saw this exact dress on one of the stars of Jane by Design and I’d really like how it looked. Dream fabric would be Japanese cotton with cute summer print/color. Perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch with my husband.”

Congratulations! I’ll be sending you an email to put you in contact with the team at Colette Patterns to receive your pattern of choice. Stay tuned for another giveaway coming soon–I’ve been collecting up a few goodies of late to host a giveaway!

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